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We use Story Funnels™ to drive business growth.

By using Story Funnels™ our clients are able to gain customers with ease, bypassing the traditional method of customer acquisition. We use our proprietary sequence story telling method to guide your customer through a journey that introduces the product and answers any questions and concerns they might have before purchasing.

Audience Research

  • Building an accurate Avatar
  • Identifying Core Motivations
  • Understanding Buying Objections
  • Identifying Competitor Distinction
  • Clarifying Desires & Goals

Story FunnelsTM

  • Online Courses
  • Physical Products
  • Events
  • SaaS Companies
  • Service Professionals


  • Building a Facebook/Google Ad Campaign
  • Creating a Story FunnelsTM Email Strategy 
  • Refreshing of Entry Ads
  • Establishing Relevant Joint Ventures

Story FunnelsTM

How It Works

The Story FunnelsTM that we build for our clients are designed around the principle of using stories, not high-pressure sales tactics, to help our clients grow their business. The Story FunnelsTM development process involves doing a deep dive into your business and crafting brand stories that resonates with your target audience and rapidly builds trust.


We build what we like to call at “sideways funnel” where we use intentional stories that move your customer through an engaging journey that connects with them, resonates with them, and drives them to action.


Development of Story FunnelsTM involves ensuring that your brand hits three of the main Story Funnel rubrics. Once we identify and mold your story we are able to provide a multi-stage landing page for your customer that guides them along a sideways sales funnel.


This is all followed by a story based retargeting campaign that is designed to re-engage your customers and guide them towards conversion.


Each step of the funnel is designed to answer your customers objections, to inform them of your products features, and to provide a positive return on ad spend out of the gate.

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